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2 tips to progress by spending little money on Royal Clash

2 tips to progress by spending little money on Royal Clash


Continue our "clashesque" getaway with a new series of tips for you to advance in Clash Royal hack by spending the least amount of virtual money. On the program: value for money, chasing the mess and solidarity among brothers in arms.

1- spend wisely

To effectively advance in Clash Royal avoiding unnecessary expenses, it may be wise to start by defining what are the most likely cards to meet your game.After determining your game with precision, you will only improve the units that compose it, without unnecessarily wasting your money in cards that you will not have utility in the medium to long term.

2- Unity is strength

Once you have reached level 3, you will be able to join a clan by demonstrating self-help with your new brothers in arms. You will be able to ask the cards you need to enable them to progress more significantly. For information, each donation from a player of your clan is equivalent to one experience point for your card.

Conversely, you can also be generous in offering the cards you do not use, in order to help your community. You will earn gold and experience and that will be useful for the rest of your adventure Clash Royale.



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Cool WhatsApp Tips and Tricks for Android and iOS

Cool WhatsApp Tips and Tricks for Android and iOS

Under your Android suppressed in an active chat on the icon with the paperclip, and selects the menu that the icon "location" from. On iPhone you tap the arrow next to the text input. There you can select the option to send the location in an active location service.



Send Chat via email


Under Android simply can chat in the overview and hold, and then select the menu that opens "Chat Send email". Optionally, you this point also within the active instant messaging session by opening the menus on the three points on the top right and then find the item 'Other'. On iPhone you type the name of the chat-partner and then choose "Chat via email".

You can decide whether you want to send only the text of the chat, or even the media then.


Write many contacts without group


The tip how to create a broadcast to without creating a group to achieve a lot of contacts, we have you already explained here. whatsapp hack

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Clash Of Clans Contributed With Super Bowl - Latest Update

The distributer of easygoing gaming amusement has spent about $ 9 million to telecast its new TV spot. For a baffling result regarding downloads.


We realize that the Super Bowl is the most viewed donning occasion in the US, with pieces of the overall industry somewhere around 40 and 60%. Such an execution additionally in hearings aside a mainstream meeting promoters who vie for imagination to legitimize the about $ 4.5 million that cost 30 seconds of promoting …  


Among the fortunate ones, regulars like Coca-Cola, BMW or Budweiser …  and a newcomer, "clash of Clans Triche".


Supercell, the distributer of the amusement in which a few tribes battling about a domain, had soundly chosen to offer a moment of publicizing. On cam, the American performer Liam Neeson, which spoofs his previous CIA operators character in the adventure "Taken", touting the application.


A mob means made conceivable by more than $ 1.5 million every day report "Conflict of Clans" by a long shot the most gainful application from the App Store on account of its plan of action freemium.


For what? Maybe disillusioning regarding group of onlookers produced by the media occasion. Conflict of Clans and has won just 9 seats, ascending from the 38th to the 29th in the positioning of the most downloaded applications from the App Store, the date of issue of the spot. Not so much a terrible figuring for the administration group of Supercell gave.


It has to be sure clarified depend less on direct activity era on a genuine effect regarding reputation. An immaterial added quality hard to allot overviews. However, that ought to advantage in the long haul help to increment downloads the application on stages, for example, Facebook or Twitter, trust Supercell. dominations hack .